Keep it simple.
Stupid simple.

The world is complicated. Our communication can't be.
When everyone wants attention, complicated messages get ignored.
We need to think, experiment and innovate.
We need to send messages worthy of attention.
We need to be part of a better conversation.
To make smarter work in a smarter, simpler way.
Because the simpler the communication
the greater the connection.

How we're

We treat strategy and creative as equals. Same goal: great work. Regardless of our role, we’re all part of the strategic and creative process from the beginning.

We don’t sell hours. We sell ideas, with a fee structure designed to get you the right one as quickly as possible.

We’re working partners. We’re all actively engaged in your business from the outset. Got a question? Give us a call.

We’re adaptable. We start with our core team, and bring in the right specialists at the right time. Making us not just better, but faster.

We’re independent. We don’t funnel resources to New York, or London. We only report to our clients, and ourselves.

We’re about press, not awards. It’s not about collecting statues, or flying to France every year. The best award is getting our clients the attention they deserve.

we offer.


  • Brand planning & Research
  • User journey mapping & UX
  • Digital & Social strategy
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Innovation Planning


  • Copywriting, art direction
Web & mobile design
  • Digital content
  • Social media
  • Graphic design


Simon Craig
Partner/Creative Director

A creative veteran, Simon got his start as an actor and musician, skills that formed the foundation of his career today. As a writer, he’s channelled that creativity to produce some of the most well-known campaigns in the country; digital, traditional and experiential. But it always comes back to a true love for words, whether they’re printed, spoken or yes, even sung.

Andrew Carty

After formative years spent in Vancouver, Andrew left his laid-back city for an education in Dallas, Texas where he developed a touch of a drawl and a no-nonsense approach. Both have served him well in a career marked by internationally celebrated campaigns and the honour of being named one of the top 10 strategic planners in Canada.

JP Gravina
Partner/Creative Director

JP has over a decade of experience creating inspired, media agnostic work always defined by the big idea. He’s an art director with a keen eye for design and a perfectionist; just ask him about the one crooked tile in his kitchen—actually, don’t. His celebrated creative career includes a recent highlight, when his young daughter asked to re-watch one of his ads.


We’re writers, art directors, strategists, designers, content creators, front and backend developers, project managers, producers, photographers, directors, editors, event planners and account managers. All working together.