Look Good
Feel Better


For cancer patients, the psychosocial aspect of treatment, affecting how you feel about yourself as a person, can be just as important as any other treatment. Look Good Feel Better ran beauty workshops specializing in this care, but needed a positioning that reflected its greater importance. We had to let people know that the organization was about more than wigs and makeup, it’s about helping women get back their womanhood. Our positioning, reflected in multiple digital and social channels became a new rallying cry for the charity, and a successful appeal for donations. 


What we did

      • Strategic positioning 
      • Web film 
      • Social content 
      • Live event content 
      • Pre-roll 
      • Documentary film 


We officially began our campaign on International Women’s Day by asking survivors, caregivers and volunteers to define womanhood for themselves. From their responses we created 24 pieces of original content, posting one each hour, every hour of the day to the LGFB social feeds.


Just before her first year of university, Melissa was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We followed her on a journey to discover what a Look Good Feel Better workshop was all about, and how it could help her on the road ahead.

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